Agility Classes

Barbara teaches all levels of dog agility (FUNdation to Competition) in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Classes are taught indoors on EVO mats in a heated arena.  She also teaches at a arena in Vancouver, Washington.


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EK9 offers a variety of services, including Obedience and Agility Fun Matches,  Workshops and Seminars.

Fun Matches and workshops are typically offered monthly in either the Vancouver WA or Hillsboro locations.

EK9 also host many great agility instructors from around the world.

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Online Classes

Want to be able to learn at your own pace?  Online classes are a great opportunity to learn at your pace and your location!  Access to the online classroom is easy and let's you learn when you get the chance.

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Dog Agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports

Think of the fun you can have communicating with your dog and navigating a series of obstacles thru basic natural cues.


Dogs are naturally our partners, they are quick learners and are athletic enough to play this game.

Can your dog do this?

There are many local trials that allow all dogs to participate. There are many local clubs hosting   USDAA, CPE, UKI and AKC trials locally.


Next Steps...

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