Check out some FAQ!

What does dog agility look like?

Here's a video of me and my dog Emma winning the AKC National Agility Competition in Reno, NV.

Emma NAC 2012

How many classes do I need to take before I can compete?

The short answer is that it depends.  Agility is a easy sport to learn, but to master it can take time.  Generally speaking, you should be prepared to be in classes for 6 months to a year before you compete.

What kind of dog does agility the best?

Your dog!  Really.  I live with 4 active dogs and the majority of time, they are just dogs.  Do agility with the dog you want to live with 24/7 because you love your dog.

Each agility organization has jump heights that cater to all sizes of dogs, and there is an organization that caters to everyone.

Can anyone/dog do dog agility?

Pretty much! As long as your dog is healthy, he should be able to train dog agility. Puppies and dogs with physical limitations may be limited to "on the floor" exercises. You should contact your vet to make sure your dog is able to participate.