Ongoing Class Descriptions

These classes are ongoing.  Each session is 5 weeks long.

Agility FUNdation ($130/5 weeks)  Here is where you start! Agility FUNdation is a fun series of classes  in which you build your relationship with your dog and learn the skills to compete in agility.  Each session is 5 weeks long, and expect to repeat the sessions 4-5 times before  you will be eligible for the next  level class (Agility 201).  It's suitable for dogs and puppies as young as 6-8 months.

Agility 201 ($115/5 weeks) classes are for teams that have completed the Ag FUNdation classes (or a similar foundation program) and can sequence 7-10 obstacles and have basic understanding of most equipment.

Agility 301 ($115/5 weeks) classes are for teams that have a solid understanding of all agility equipment and are ready to or currently competing at the Novice/Level 1-3/Starters level and above

Agility 401 ($115/5 weeks) classes are for teams that are competing (or have the skills necessary to compete) at the Excellent/Masters/Level 4/5 level with a mastery of all agility equipment

Agility 501 ($115/5 weeks) classes are for teams interested in more challenges than offered at the highest levels.  Here the emphasis is more international and challenging sequences.

Skills & Drills($115/5 weeks): This class is all about  short drills to build skills with you and your dog.  Primarily about handling,  the class will consist of mostly jumps and tunnels with an occasional contact or weave poles thrown in.  We will also work on jump grids weekly.

Toolbox Classes and Specialty Classes

In these classes are intended to be single subject classes that will cover a single subject for experienced handlers (Toolbox classes) and/or a Specialty classes are offered as a single session class that concentrate learning a specific skill (e.g. Weave Poles 2-12)  or as with proofing class use scenarios above and beyond what a dog would see in a typical agility trial to verify level of training.

Classes range from 5 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the subject matter and are limited to 4 teams per 1 hour class. Depending on length, the classes range from $115/5 weeks to $184/8 weeks.

Proofing Class: This 5 week class will use exercises will test the dog/handler team's skills to exceed the challenges presented by agility competition. In each of the 5 weeks, we will "proof" a different area, and exercises could include extreme discrimination (e.g. tunnels withing 1 foot of a jump), weaves that are oddly spaced (does the dog still stay in), food left on the floor (does the dog continue to work), and ring entry skills (can the dog still work with a loud barking dog behind them) and more!

Weaves 2 to 12 In this 8 week class, using a combination of 2 x 2 weaves and channels weaves with some props, your dog will learn to master the weave poles while working on difficult entries and exits,  distance,  and general weave independence.  This class is suitable for dogs over 1 year old.  At the end of the session, dogs will be weaving 12 straight or narrow channel poles.

Weave: Level Expert!: This class is 5 weeks long and is for dogs that have a solid understanding of 6-12 straight poles but would like to have more independence with difficult entries and exits, as well as distance and extreme angled crosses on all 12 weave poles.

Running Contacts Foundation This 8 week course will cover the very start of running dog walk (or running a-frame) training.  It is suitable for puppies 6 months or older (with permission, younger dogs may attend).  In this course, we will use a mat for the dog's to learn to target and most exercises can be worked on at home with just a few pieces of equipment.

Running Contacts Mastered  In this 8 week class,  the dogs move from the mat to the lowered dog walk or a-frame.  Continuing the the work from RC Foundation, the dogs will continue to work on turns, or if you like a stopped dog walk for the tight turns.

Terrific Teeters from the ground up! In this 8 week class, the dogs will start  the teeter training and work through to full competition height.  For this class, dogs should not be sound or motion sensitive.  (If your dog is  or you are unsure, please contact me at for private lessons).

Terrific Teeters for experienced teams.  In this 5 week class, we will  work on improving your dog's teeter performance.  Suitable for dogs that have a consistent (if slow) teeter performance, or dogs who leave the teeter before release.

Say it loud!  Verbals!:  In this 8 week class, you and your dog will work on verbals jump and tunnel commands from the ground up and proofing those verbal commands to test mastery.   Back sides, collected jump wraps, rear crosses, threadle jump and tunnels, and tight turns out of tunnels.  This class is suitable for dogs who have jump skills to full height or puppies over 8 months old.

Tight turns with targets This 5 week class will cover tight turns using a target to help the dog understand the mechanical skill of tight turning.  This class is suitable for puppies over 8 months old and older dogs who could benefit from a better understanding of tight turns.

If you have a suggestion for a future class, please fill out this brief questionaire.