Barbara Standiford

Barbara is one of the area's most successful dog agility trainers and handlers.  She competes in USDAA, AKC, UKI and CPE sanctioned trials locally and nationally.  Additionally, she is a UKI and USDAA Master's level judge.

EK9's Story

A Engineer in a previous life, Barbara opened the EK9 facility in 2012 after she was laid off by a Fortune 500 company.  Barbara had been teaching part time, but jumped at the chance to do what she loves full time.


Currently, she teaches in Hillsboro, Oregon and Woodburn, Oregon.  She's available for seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects.

Meet the dogs

Without them, there would be no EK9 or agility career for me.  I am lucky enough to currently share this adventure with 3 of the most amazing dogs.  Each one (and the ones before them) have taught me important lessons.



Keen-Eye Meridian

Meridian (or Meri for short) is from the same kennel as her great uncle Speck.  She has an impressive pedigree with multiple world and national herding champions on the top and bottom.

She has made a name for herself locally and nationally.




Meridian Ziggy Stardust

Shine wasn’t even a consideration when he walked into a trial looking for a new home at 6 months of age, but he has a way of stealing hearts and mine was no exception.  He has a great structure,  lovely jumping style and the drive of the border collies.





RB A Dreamer Imagines

Imagine generally answers to “Gin”, and is the newest member of my household.  Her mother is a agility dog imported from Denmark and her sire is a nice border collie from cow herding lines.

She’s a smooth coat (my first) and one of the nicest puppies out there.  Her future looks bright!



Keen-Eye Speck

Speck (2006-2019) comes from very nice herding lines, and also has relatives that did well in agility.  Speck is a natural athlete and has excelled at every sport. He has competed in agility, herding, dock diving, and obedience.

At nearly 13 years old, he  is retired but we still work on agility, nosework and of course, herding.





Virtual Reality Emulator

Emma (2001-2017) retired in 2012  but she left a legacy that is hard to beat.  I got her as she turned 1 year old, and together we endured many training and retraining.  She was my first true agility dog,  starting in AKC NovA and eventually wining the 2012 AKC National Championship at 16 inches.  She was just over 18 inches and yet would beat many dogs nearly 4 inches taller than she was.

Em was a very special dog, and I miss her.



DeBrut's Damn the Torpedoes

Strider (2001-2013).  Strider was a remarkable dog, lots of drive but with a hint of performance anxiety.  He truly hated performing in public, but liked people especially children.  He was a lovely mover, but big. He stood nearly 28 inches tall, and jumped in the AKC Performance Program at 20.

I still miss him.